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About Face – A Guide to Founder Transition, is a 61 page monograph presenting 8 case studies of founder transitions at community arts organizations including: AMAS Musical Theatre, The Children’s Carnival, The Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center, the Guild Complex, Third World Newsreel, Thurber House, and the Caribbean Cultural Center.

The monograph contains a detailed study of Just Buffalo Literary Center, the organization founded by the author, in which Founder, Board, Support Staff, and New Leader points-of-view of are discussed. Also considered are knowing when to leave, finding the right consultant, the search process, and post-transition compensation for the founder. Useful appendices of tools and instruments developed during Just Buffalo’s transition process are included such as the founder’s task-oriented job description, a job announcement for the position opening, interview questions and a scorecard for evaluating interviewees.

The Fall 2002 Grantmakers in the Arts Reader’s review of About Face, offered that “this monograph contains a rich range of individual and organizational experiences. Most founders will recognize themselves and their organizations in one or more of these scenarios…It is a must read guide for any board dealing with leadership transition—founder or otherwise…(About Face) includes information and insights of interest to any founder considering her or his own leave-taking.”

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A softcover printed copy of this monograph can be purchased by emailing the author at: ISBN: 1-892471-10-8

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